A motorist in a private car has been captured in a video challenging a police officer to take him to court instead of taking a bribe of $0.42.

The one-minute video shot at an unknown location shows an annoyed man daring a police officer and telling him to change.

“…one day I will arrest you people. One day when I’m angry and I’m driving and I see these things, I will just put you in my car and I will arrest you. When will you stop this nonsense; when? Ghana must change with you people!” he said.

“If you catch me [and] I’m wrong take me to court, don’t be collecting 2 cedis. You have passed two cedis; take 10 cedis, 20 cedis [and] 50 cedis. What is two cedis for you people? You should change your attitude, change your attitude; police people change!” the man was heard shouting amidst pleads from the police officers”.

The man then ordered his driver to drive on leaving the police officers embarrassed.

Find thevideo here