• The "Inside the NBA" crew on TNT is known for their loose banter and light-hearted analysis.
  • On Thursday the show had another of its unique moments, with Shaquille O'Neal embracing some backward math in an attempt to help Kenny Smith save money on gas.
  • Shaq's suggestion boiled down to putting $20 in the tank at a time, rather than waiting for it to be empty and paying to fill it all the way, leaving his cohosts in hilarious disbelief.

The "Inside the NBA" crew on TNT is likely the most entertaining broadcast team in all of the sports.

Beyond their analysis and insight into the game, the crew of Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson are known for their loose, playful banter.

But on Thursday night, O'Neal offered basketball fans something further — tips on how to save on gas money. At least, he tried to.

Using some backward math, Shaq explained to co-host Kenny Smith how he could be more economical with his fuel. Smith shared his concern that he was spending $80 to fill up his tank. Shaq explained that rather than spending $80, he could just put $20 in his tank every time it got down to being half-empty.

When the rest of the "Inside the NBA" team expressed their confusion, Shaq stuck to his guns. Leaving Johnson in stitches and Smith in total disbelief.

You can watch the chaos and confusion unfold below.

While it might feel like the crew is ganging up on Shaq a bit, it's moments like this that make "Inside the NBA" unlike any other show in sports media.