4 must-knows in preventing premature births

The statistics are disparaging statistics, Business Insider Sub Saharan Africa gives you some ways to prevent preterms.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), preterm birth complications are the primary cause of death among children below five years, and account for nearly a million deaths in 2015.

1. Maintaining healthy maternal weight


Keeping maternal weight in the healthy zone is a big deal for a pregnant woman, for the benefit of both the mother and the baby. According to a health study published in the recent issue of Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), expectant mothers who weigh too little or too much during pregnancy may encounter risks of severe illnesses, which can also be life-threatening.

2. Getting proper nutrition

Althoughproper nutrition promotes the baby’s growth and development, a prudent dietary pattern, which includes foods like vegetables, fish, whole grains, fruit and water during pregnancy, could reduce the risk of preterm delivery.

3. Avoiding stress


It is perhaps easier said than done; but, avoiding stress is particularly important for pregnant mothers. Stress is attributable to many factors, ranging from financial problems to relationship issues. A study showed that even a stressor that is not causing a clinical diagnosis can have an impact on the risk of premature delivery.

4. Optimal care

Getting a glimpse of the growing baby on the ultrasound monitor is often one of the most exciting moments during pregnancy. Nevertheless, pregnant mothers need to understand that there is more to optimal prenatal care than just getting an ultrasound. Women who are at risk of giving birth prematurely can be identified during prenatal care, based on certain pre-existing conditions that may be present.


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