Some workers at a Local airline in Ghana, Starbow  have been relieved of their post.

There is no clue as to the number of workers sacked but according to local news agency Citi Business News, the dismissal affected top management, flight and grounds staff.

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Citi Business reports that the CEO of the company, James Eric Antwi, says contracts of workers had been terminated effective November 30, 2017.

“We write to serve you this days’ notice of termination of your employment contract effective November 30, 2017.”

“In accordance with the termination clause of the existing agreement between you and the company, the company is formally exercising its right to the said agreement”.

It added that, “On your last day of work, kindly liaise with the Human Resource and Administration Department to submit all company assets in your possession, including but not limited to ID cards, equipment, cell phones, work products (electronic and paper files) etc.”

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“Upon receipt of these items, the payment of any outstanding amounts as stated due will be authorized.”

It is unclear whether the dismissals had anything to do with the aircraft skidding off the runway at the Kotoka International Airport on Saturday, November 25th when it was preparing to take off or due to operational challenges facing the airline.

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