Bank of Ghana releases 8 unapproved money transfer organisations

The Bank of Ghana has raised alarm over the illicit operations of unapproved Money Transfer Organisations (MTOs) within the Remittance and Forex Markets.

Ernest Addison, Governor of the Bank of Ghana

Notable entities such as LEMFI, WISE, XOOM-A PAYPAL SERVICE, SENDVALU, BOSS REVOLUTION, BTC-AZA FINANCE, SUPERSONICZ, and TRANSFER GO feature in the list released by the central bank, signaling a breach of regulatory protocols.

The Bank of Ghana has invoked section 3.1 of the Foreign Exchange Act, 2006 Act 723, emphasizing that engaging in foreign exchange dealings without the required license is a violation.

With reference to section 15.3 of the Foreign Exchange Act, the Bank of Ghana underscores that every foreign exchange transfer to or from Ghana should be executed through duly licensed entities.


The BoG's directive extends to the wider financial ecosystem, cautioning banks, Dedicated Electronic Money Issuers (DEMI), and Enhanced Payment Service Providers (EPSP) against engaging with unapproved MTOs.

Stringent adherence to the regulatory guidelines is mandated, with non-compliance risking severe sanctions.

A notice issued by the Central Bank stressed the gravity of non-compliance, hinting at the potential withdrawal of licenses for institutions found in breach. Market players, including both approved and unapproved MTOs, are reminded to align with regulatory directives promptly to avoid severe consequences.



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