'Learn directly from those who have what you want in life' - Marco Champion advices youngsters

No matter your goals for the future, Marco Champion has one important piece of advice for young entrepreneurs. “Learn directly from those who have what you want in life,” he says.

Marco Champion

As Champion’s success is what many people likely want in life, this advice reinforces itself. It comes from someone that youngsters should be seeking advice from.

By learning directly from those who have what you already want in life, you can get guidance and learn from both their successes and failures. This may speed up your own process of finding the perfect formula to achieve your goals. At the very least, it provides support and provides access to resources. Those factors alone will give you a head-start over what Marco Champion started with. As he explains, “Although I lacked the resources and the support, I powered through it and learned to become resourceful and connect with the people that helped me build my vision.” Those people that helped him build his vision were partly already those who had what he wanted in life and partly others who had similar goals.

For those who look at Marco Champion as someone who has what they want in life, they should therefore learn from him. He has more words of wisdom for you to harness. “Start by framing success properly,” Champion says. “Success is not about how much you have but how much you have to give. I believe success is feeling fulfilled in the work that you do.”

From there, Champion advises knowing what it takes to become a successful person and building the right habits. He outlines, “Work extremely hard, sacrifice sleep, partying, entertainment with personal and business development every day.” He continues, “Successful people have created habits to ensure they progress every day, and through these, they have developed high levels of belief.”


Champion’s path to success was not a traditional one. He dealt with naysayers early on due to his lack of business background and having dropped out of college. As he explains, “Through meditation, I tapped into my higher calling that pulls me to progress on my mission every day.” Now, Champion works to share his success with others. One of the companies he founded is iLegendz. It comprises an exclusive network of influential people who are focused on spreading a positive impact through social media.

By following Marco Champion’s advice and learning directly from him, or someone else that has what you want in life, young entrepreneurs can find themselves on their way to success.


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