New entrants to the Senior High School will soon begin reporting in their various schools very soon.

The school will provide each student with a prospectus which tells you what you are to bring to school.

However, the school will not list the items needed in your chop box. has put together a list of things needed in your chop box.

• Gari

It is the ever faithful companion. Do not forget that.

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• Shito

You can eat this with a lot of meals that will even be served in the dining hall. Shito and gari (Gashit) is also not a bad idea at all on a Saturday afternoon in the boarding house.

• Biscuit

You can take all types of biscuit but remember to add Picadilly biscuit. What many call ‘hye me ma’. This biscuit will always get you satisfied.

• Chocolate powder (Milo)

Many students prefer Milo. If not you can buy any chocolate powder of your choice for your beverage. Just add about 3 ‘hye me ma’ and you will not feel hungry soon.

• Powdered milk

If you decide to use liquid milk it means you would have to finish one immediately it is opened. However, powdered milk can stay throughout the term if it is stored well.

• Sardine/Tuna flakes

Just add some tuna flakes or sardine to your gashit and you will enjoy a near balanced diet.

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• Drink

You may never get it refrigerated but some fizzy drinks in your chop box will help you reward yourself ones a while when you make the grades in the class.

• Groundnut

Just for some great gari soakings (a mixture of gari, sugar, milk, and groundnut), you need groundnut.

• Sugar

You will need it for milo drink, soakings, milkshake and many more

• Cornflakes

Just for variety sometimes you need cornflakes in your chop box.