The Tamale Technical University has indicted 2 of its staff for supervising illegal abortions by students.

This has led to confusion in the institution.

The two staff; Mohammed Alhassan Kamaldeen, the payroll officer and Yakubu Abdul Jalel, Manager of the school’s hospital, were indicted after two separate committees found them culpable of multiple allegations including supervising over illegal abortions and manipulation of the payroll system, respectively.

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According to the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Dauda Abdul Manan the investigation started after a review committee, presented a report of several violations, mismanagement, and misconduct, against them during this year’s routine review exercise.

The Interim Management, therefore, constituted an Executive Committee to investigate the review committee’s report on the two individuals.

A member of the Executive Committee who is also the Acting Finance Officer of the university, Alhaji Abdul Razak Sharaa, said Kamaldeen was investigated for tampering with the internal payroll system which caused some staff to suffer salary deductions and left the system in a comprising mode. He added that Kamaldeen did not corporate fully during the investigations.

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Meanwhile,  Yakubu Jalel mismanaged the facility and left a high debt of nearly GH50,000 just nine months into operation. He said the committee again investigated the manager on a different allegation that he sanctioned the carrying out of illegal abortion and operation of Health Insurance Scheme when the hospital wasn’t accredited for the services.

The Executive Committee established wrongdoing against the staff and recommended their indictment. The two have since been removed from their positions.

The Payroll officer has been demoted to now work in the Finance Office and the hospital manager sent to the Registrar’s office pending the full implementation of the committee’s recommendations.