Best 5 shs school uniforms in Ghana

Check out the top 5 shs school uniforms in Ghana.

Senior high schools are always pitting against each other on some sort of competition. From best in academics to most expensive and then most beautiful girls. After the most competitive platform, which is the Maths and Science Quiz, where failure to represent your school is written in the history books.

A school uniform is a very important garment on a student. Not only would it convey where you represent but to mentally prepare you for the gruelling task (studying) at hand. School uniforms in Ghana is not just any piece of clothing but a part of their persona. Which they carry with pride.

Below is the list of the best 5 shs school uniforms in Ghana (according to me...and please don’t ask which one is my alma mater)


Wesley Girls Senior High School

Wesley Girls Senior High has undoubtedly one of the best shs school uniforms. With their starched yellow shirts and cute green ties. Complemented by a crisply short-plated skirt which is knee length. This gives them the sharp look of a boss lady out to accomplish her goals.

Adisadel College

Anytime I see these fine gentlemen in their attire, I just can’t help but stare my way through. Their neat white and black striped shirts paired with neatly pressed black shorts, is definitely among the best shs school uniforms in Ghana. It just reminds me of those stripped candies on the Christmas tree. Yummy looking candies indeed.

Achimota College

The uniforms worn by the ladies of the grey city is a sight to behold. With dark green flowers inlaid in a white background, their uniforms are cut to a flattering style. This simple yet classy dress is one of the best 5 shs school uniforms in Ghana. With all that rich green, no wonder they are water to a thirsty land.

Ghana National College

After diamonds, pink is a girl’s best friend. And it’s so apparent in the house wear of Ghana National ladies. A pretty pink background with a good dose of rose flowers sprinkled on it, neatly clinched at the waist. It is seen featuring on the list of the 5 best shs school uniforms in Ghana and not to our surprise at all.

St. Mary’s Girls Senior High School

Similar to the design pattern of Adisadel College but in blue and white rather. If you were thinking that pattern looks good because it was on men, you should check out St. Mary’s Girls. Sewn into a clean cut dress complimenting their calm demeanour nicely.

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