The Kumasi Traditional Council has criticised the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) over its failure to repair dilapidated roads in the Ashanti Region.

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He told Kumasi-based Luv FM that after meeting the Ministers, the chiefs hoped things would get better but nothing has been done.

He said: "In the beginning we summoned the roads minister to Menhyia. He gave us a lot of assurances but up to date, nothing has happened.

"Then again we summoned the regional minister to the place and after minister came to meet the chiefs, then we had hope that something was going to be done but nothing has been done.

"You can move from even more than 10 yards without meeting a pothole."

The Bantamahene further suggested the NPP is taking the region for granted owing to the fact that it is the party's stronghold.

"Kumasi gave the president I think 1.7 million votes, Accra gave the president 1 million everybody is saying that Kumasi or Ashanti Region is the backbone of the NPP government but seriously we are not seeing it in Kumasi."

While admitting the government has been in office for one and half years, the football administrator turned Bantamahene said the government must be seen to be doing something for the region.

"We are not saying that the government should one and half years to repair all the roads in Kumasi but we are saying that they should be seen to be doing something," he said.

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He added: "If we say we've lost hope then it means the situation can not be redeemed. We going to make sure that the situation is salvaged.

"Employment nil, infrastructure nil, I mean nothing is going on well in Ashanti region."