“Wow!!! I can finally have sex” – Wedded woman heaves a sigh of relief

After the knot tying event, Ralia resorted to social media to express her joy, especially the fact that she could now have sex as many times as she pleases without fear or being questioned or seen as immoral.

The lady known only by her twitter name as Ralia, posted a picture of her wedding to her dream man in which both were kissing.

As part of her post, she mentioned that she had stayed away from sex until marriage, but her choice of word to describe her abstinence is what has become another controversy on social media.


Ralia said she remained ‘celibate’ right from infancy, but some social media users are asking why celibate and not virgin?

One Joshua Ekpo on Facebook said, “Now, I wonder why she couldn't say she was a VIIRGIN, rather she said she was a CELIBATE? Can some1 out there tell me the difference from the 2? Anyway, never mind I'll always find out myself. But I am just trying to get my head around why she never mentioned the word: [virgin], but rather used the word: [celibate], that's all! So, please let's get to the ROOT of this celibacy syndrome and try to find out if that means she has never had sex before?”

Chantel Smith also said, “I think it means the same thing lol.  I’m going to assumed that u was a virgin???? Lol”


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