The British High commissioner to Ghana Jon Benjamin has thrown a challenge to the Head Pastor of the International Godsway Ministries, Bishop Daniel Obinim who claims to have supernatural powers to t

According to Jon Benjamin, Bishop Daniel Obinim should prove his critics wrong by transforming to a snake on live television, if he has the powers to do so.

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"While on the subject, does anyone actually believe this? Why doesn't he do it live on TV to prove it to all of us?," he wrote on his Twitter handle.

Bishop Obinim speaking on OBTV said "I can transform into a snake and enter any room, bite my target and just disappear."

He however added that even though he is not an animal, he can spiritually transform into a snake, dog and a lion and as such does not want anyone to dare him.

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Boasting of his spiritual powers the controversial pastor said he once transformed into a a tiger standing side by side with Jesus who had also transformed into a lion.