18 conditions under which your motor insurance claim will not hold

Pulse Business' Emmanuel Quist delves into the general policy and terms and conditions that usually govern the provision of insurance and the redemption of claims.


Their disaffection, according to some drivers who spoke to Pulse Business' Emmanuel Quist stems from the lackadaisical attitude of  insurance companies to redeeming their claims when the need arises.

" They always come up with many conditions for you to meet before the grant your claim, that is if they do at all. And by the time you finish all these legal conditions, you will have spent more money than the insurance is worth." a taxi driver who operates in East Legon, American House said.

Further probes into  the terms and conditions of their insurance cover revealed that the driver was ignorant of the terms and conditions under which his insurance cover works.

" They did not explain all of these things to me when I was going for the insurance," he lamented.

Such is the story of many insurance holders in Ghana. They only come to terms with the ramifications of the terms and conditions of their insurance cover at the point they need the insurance most, only to be told that they had contravened the conditions of the policy.

Pulse Business' Emmanuel Quist, therefore, delves into the general policy, terms and conditions that usually govern the provision of insurance and the redemption of claims.

Below are 18 conditions under which your insurance provider will not honor your Motor Insurance:

1. If your vehicle is driven without your consent, order or permission.

2. If your Vehicle is driven by any person:

a. Whose faculties are impaired by a drug or intoxicating liquor or

b. Who at the time of the accident had been convicted of driving under the influence of any drug, or intoxicating liquor, or,

c. With a percentage of alcohol in his/her breath, or blood in excess of the percentage of any drug or intoxicating liquor, or

d. Who refuses to provide or allow the taking of a sample of breath, blood or urine for testing or analysis.

4. Damage to property belonging to or held in trust or in your custody or control or that of any member of your household or any other person entitled.

5. Any claim  resulting from death or  bodily injury  to any of your employees  which arises out of or in the  course of their employment unless such  employees are being carried by reason of or in pursuance of a contract of employment.

6. If your vehicle is used to carry a greater number of passengers or convey or tow a load in excess of that for which your vehicle was constructed.

7. If your vehicle is used in an unsafe or unworthy condition and such condition caused or contributed to the loss.

8. For loss, damage or liability caused by or materials contributed to by your own criminal act or resulting for the use of the vehicle for an unlawful purpose.

9. For damage caused by war, foreign, enemies, hostilities, mutiny, insurrection, revolution, military or usurped power or by nuclear fuel, waste or material.

10. If your vehicle is used in connection with the motor trade for repairs, experiments, tests, trials, or in any motor sport.

11. For bodily injury, death or property damage occasioned by lawful seizures.

12. Acts of terrorism committed by a person or persons acting on behalf of or in connection with any organization.

13. For loss or liability incurred whilst your vehicle is on rails, whether stationary or moving.

14. If your vehicle is being used or attached to or towing a vehicle being used for commercial transportation of dangerous good as defined in the Ghanaian Code for the Transportation of dangerous goods by the Road or Rail.

15.  For damage to property caused by sparks or ashes from the Motor Vehicle or caused by or arising out of the explosion of the boiler of the Motor Vehicles.

16.For damage or loss intentionally caused by you or any person acting with your consent.

17. Damage to any bridge or waterbridge and/  or to any road and/  or to any load carried by the vehicle.

18. Any accident which occurred outside Ghana.


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