Top 7 Ghanaian female performers

It is undoubted that some musicians record good songs but end up performing abysmally because they are mere studio artistes.


It is one thing recording music in a studio and another performing it on stage. The craft of a musician is demonstrated especially when s/he wows a gathering with an outstanding performance. It takes creativity, confidence and a great deal of knowledge in music to put up a hypnotic performance.

It is undoubted that some musicians record good songs but end up performing abysmally because they are mere studio artistes. Of course, there are days an artiste, like any other human being will have a bad day; that does not nullify the fact that some artistes are just bad on stage.

From observations, most artistes who leave audience wanting for more invest in their craft because they mean business. Stage performance goes beyond an individual being on stage and reproducing exactly what is on his CD. It calls for good choice of songs, choreography, microphone technique, communicating with the audience, living the song, breathe control, synchronising with the band, good transition and costume.

These female acts, in no particular order, leave their audience hungry for more. They can stand the test of time delivering exactly that in the face of Ghana's tough and volatile music industry.

1. Wiyaala Noella

She was born in Wa but grew up in Funsi. Wiyaala Noella’s music expresses the fusion of contemporary pop sound with the traditions and culture of the Upper West region. She has performed at international African music festivals in The Hague, Calgary and Hamburg, Banquet Hall and many other places. Before gaining music recognition in Ghana’s music industry, she had auditioned for 2011 Stars of the Future where she placed third. She became a solo artiste in 2013 after winning Vodafone Icons reality show with her Black and Peach group in 2012.

Wiyaala’s stage performance is exceptional and therefore not surprising that some have touted her as a goddess. She is always able to deliver a well-rehearsed performance and engage the audience some of whom may not understand the lyrics of the song due to language barrier. It is always a delight to watch her on stage. The dance moves, energy, breathe control, microphone technique are just on point. She is undoubtedly a spirited performer.

Wiyaala is always spotted in an African outfit with her peacock hairstyle. Among her hit songs are Rock My Body, Tinambanyi (Here We Come!), Siiko (Come! Let's Go), Go Go Black Stars Goal and Africa.

2. Efya

She has won the Best Female Vocal Performance category at the Ghana Music Awards on four consecutive occasions. Her soothing voice is enough to mesmerise the audience once she steps on stage to perform. Efya participated in the maiden edition of the Stars of the Future talent show. Although she lost to Irene Logan, she has been able to survive in the music industry. She is unique in her own way.

Efya’s gestures on stage give a good interpretation of her songs. She sings in character, synchronises with the band so well that patrons yearned for more of her sterling performance.  Efya has performed at the 2011 MTN Ghana Music Awards, Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya, Hope City Launch Celebration Concert, post-African Day Parade concert held at the Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem and 2013 edition of annual Girl Talk concert held at the National Theatre in Accra.

Among her hit songs are Best In Me, Jorley, One of Your Own, Forgetting Me and Gingam Too Much.

3. Joyce Blessing

Call her the Unbreakable lady. Gospel musician, Joyce Blessing is one artiste who has arguably disabused the perception that gospel musicians are dull on stage. Her performance at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) during the first edition of the GN Bank Awards received positive remarks from entertainment pundits. Joyce Blessing put up an electrifying performance to entertain the gathering. She wowed the crowd again at the 2015 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards with yet another mind-blowing live band performance.

She is an energetic performer with a powerful voice and always gets her transitions right. She mostly does not perform only her songs but songs of other gospel musicians.

Joyce Blessing’s songs include Monko Mo Akyi and Nyame Aguama.

4. Sherifa Gunu

Princess Sherifa Gunu, a soul musician, hails from Dagbon. Before gaining popularity in the music industry, she had competed in regional and national dance competitions. She won the dance championship for the northern Region and placed 2 in the 1998 National Dance Championship. In 2003, Sherifa came second in the Hiplife dance championship.

Sherifa Gunu as a musician has performed on several stages including the 2015 Miss Ghana finals. Her fascinating performance always leaves the gathering craving for more. The artiste incorporates her dance skills and powerful voice in her performances which she does so well with her cultural dancers and band.

Krikiti Soya and Yumiantabah (Akwaaba music) are some of her works.

5. Obaapa Christy

She is one of the few female Gospel musicians whose stage performances make the audience go haywire. Obaapa Christy, formerly Christiana Love, always put up a mega artistic performance when she mounts the stage. She is very energetic and always engages the audience. She does not appear on stage with dancers but is never boring to watch. She lives the song.

Obaapa Christy is the voice behind Hyɛbrɛ Sesafoɔ, Memma Me Were Mfi and Animguaseɛ Ntoma.

6. Ohemaa Mercy

Her performance is spirit-filled. Her eclectic sounds leaves the audience with nothing better than drawing their hearts closer to God in worship. She sings soul-inspiring songs which has led her command accolades. Patrons at all two editions [2013, 2015] of her Tehillah Experience concert will testify that she is indeed a great performer. Ohemaa Mercy is undoubtedly versatile. Be it worship or praise songs, she satisfies the gathering.

Adanfo Pa, Edin Jesus, Fɛfɛɛfɛ and Woofiri Mu are few of her numerous hit songs.

7. Becca

Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong as known in private life has proven that she is not only fashionable but can nail shows. She performed with OBY band during the launch of her second studio album in 2013 and topped it up with yet another delightful display at the third edition of the Girl Talk concert in the same year.

Becca has on all occasions exhibited features of a good performer. Her microphone technique and movement on stage will make one pay attention to her performance and enjoy. You need to see her perform Sugar, African Woman, Daa Ke Daa among others.


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