Christian Health Association Ghana, CHAG has told the action taken against the doctors at the Holy Family hospital should not be seen as a punitive measure.

Executive director of CHAG said doctors at hospitals under their association by convention are to provide services to patients at all cost.

Fourteen doctors have been let go by the Holy Family catholic hospital in Techiman, for going on strike per the GMA's directive.

"It is not a punitive measure."  Peter Yeboah said, "this will be an opportunity for them to reflect and probably come back in future."

CHAG said it fully appreciates doctor's demand for their conditions of service. But they also have a faith bound duty to uphold.

"We are looking at mitigating the unintended effect of the withdrawal of the essential services especially to the poor and marginalized in the society." Mr. Yeboah said.

It is a known fact that doctors under CHAG do not go on strike. But the doctors on horsemanship were on strike even though senior doctors at the Holy Family hospital were at post.

A letter was written by the administrator of the hospital to the Dental and Medical council asking that the doctors be reassigned since they have refused to be trained by the facility.

CHAG said before the decision to let them go was taken all channels available were used to get the doctor's on horsemanship to go back to work.

The doctors went on strike in solidarity with the Ghana medical association who are following a road map to resign en masse.