Stop falling prey to NPP’s ‘idiotic tactics’ – NDC advised

Dr. Percy however, questioned why members of the NDC have over the years been unable to see through these “mischievous tactics” of the NPP

President John Mahama

A leading member of the National Reform Party (NRP), Dr David Percy has accused the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of engaging in “idiotic tactics” to divert the nation’s attention from their many internal problems.

Such tactics he said includes their demand for a new voters’ register and the recent being the press conference organized to demand payment from the brother of the President, Ibrahim Mahama for using state equipment to dredge the Odaw river.

“This last one and half months, our attention has been diverted by plain idiocy.

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First, the idiocy about the electoral register and now this one and in the course of that, you leave everything else,” he remarked on Radio Gold’s Alhaji and Alhaji over the weekend.

He continued saying, “they know they are in a very bad place - a major element in their party, Alex Afenyo-Markin is in a very difficult place but he is not alone. This thing has the potential of dragging down many persons in their party so they raise this red herring and the NDC goes chasing it.”

He claimed that the press conference organized last Thursday was a ploy to help the members of the main opposition party present themselves as a “united group.”

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Dr. Percy however, questioned why members of the NDC have over the years been unable to see through these “mischievous tactics” of the NPP but rather, waste their time and energy defending false claims.

“Why do they [NDC] waste their time getting into technical arguments with the NPP? Who says that they don’t know what it is that has gone on? The purpose is plain! It’s mischief and what it does is to take away useful time and energy from other issues,” he argued.

According to him, such issues keep popping up because “they know that all you need to do is to raise this and you have members of the NDC speaking from different sides of their mouth, contradicting themselves.”

“Even when it is illogical and foolish, they get around a single story and they have their lead persons in the media to clothe what is obviously plainly stupid to give it some weight or credibility,” he fumed.

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The former governing board member of the National Service Secretariat stressed that “anytime the NPP sets a trap, the NDC falls in it” adding that the NPP has a basic problem which is that “they don’t think that John Mahama should be President. They don’t think that the NDC is legitimate to run this country.”

He therefore, advised the members of the governing NDC not to get into the merits of any matter with the NPP since “they don’t believe that you should be where you are.”

“Deal with that problem and don’t waste your time because the more you explain, the more they shift until you are blown in the face and time without number, the NDC falls into this simple trap. They set a trap with the issue of the voters register and the NDC chairman gives them a way out by talking about cost,” he added.


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