The Electoral Commission will find it very tough implementing the Supreme court ruling on the voters register, Political Scientist and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG), Dr. Kwesi Jonah has said.

The court presided over by Chief Justice Georgina Wood ruled that the EC should delete the names of all dead people and persons who used the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) cards to register to vote. The court alsoordered for the deletion of names of minors on the register.

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However, on an interview on Radio Ghana, Dr. Kwesi Jonah said "It is going to be very difficult for the EC to carry out to the latter what the supreme court has ordered."

According to him, the EC should be able to seek ideas from the political parties and other personalities on the way forward towards cleaning the electoral roll.

"...It is going to be very hard. How are they going to be able to identify people who registered with the national health insurance card? How are they going to be able to identify people on the register who are still under 18? It is a tough one," he stressed.

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Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission has been threatened with another suit should they show reluctance in implementing a Supreme Court ruling ordering it to clean the voters' register.

lawyer for the plaintiffs in the case, Nana Asante Badiatuo, has argued that the landmark ruling should not be difficult to implement, considering the fact the EC admitted in court that they have the names of all those who registered with NHIS cards.