11 kids show that made our childhood fun

It was always fun rushing home from school just to sit by the television to watch our favorite shows.

90's Fun times

Very relatable to the 90s and early 2000 borns, you can boldly say that childhood was fun because of the experiences we had on TV.

Saturdays were never boring as we stayed glued to our TV sets from morning until evening watching exciting kids’ shows. On Mondays, we had discussions with our mates about the shows we watched over the weekend while anticipating the next episodes.

Here in this article is a compilation of some of our favorite kids show we enjoyed back in the day.

Fun World


This exciting show aired on GTV on Saturday mornings, and most kids gathered in front of their TV sets to watch their mates perform on stage. It was a platform that gave young talented kids the chance to exhibit their talent.

Most of the showbiz stars we know today started at Fun World.

Kyekyekule Kidz

Kyekyekule Kidz was a kids’ TV show hosted by George Laing, who was known on the show as Uncle George. The show which aired on TV3 on Saturdays involved entertaining activities that gave kids the chance to learn new things while having fun.


You can't say you don't remember kyekyekule, Uncle George and his crew presented us with brainy and fun activities like riddles in our schools.

By The Fireside

By the fireside was a folkloric tv show which aimed at instilling moral values into children. veteran actress Grace omaboe and Emmanuel Boateng called Dr. Rokoto ensured our Sundays were full of joy as the antagonist. George Kwaku and Ntikumah as the protagonist of the show.

The show always ended with discussions of the lessons and morals of the stories.


Fun House

This fun show saw two teams (Red Team and Gold Team) of two children (a boy and a girl) playing messy games and answering questions to win a chance to run through an obstacle-strewn fun house and also win prizes.

Funhouse was an exciting kids’ game show that used to air on Metro TV in the evening on weekdays.


Captain Planet

Captain planet was arguably the most popular animated series in Ghana in the 90s. Which 90s kid did not want to be a planeteer, we all desperately wanted to be a member of the planeteers.

Captain and the planeteers were tasked to fight and save the planet and the environment. Sundays were incomplete without an episode of captain planet and his planeteers.

Journey to the west


If you never sneaked out from Sunday children's service to have a peek at shiifu, then I am sorry you missed a lot.

This show was a fantasy, full of adventure, and rib-cracking humor.

Power Rangers

Who didn't go to sleep hoping to wake up a proud member of the power ranger? this show was the most epic kids' show ever.


The mighty morphin power rangers tv show was full of adventure and yes we loved them and you know it.

The adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin is a series of 24 bande dessinée albums created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, who wrote under the pen name Hergé. The series was one of the most popular European comics of the 20th century.

Our weekends were never dull with these comic kids' shows.


Kwasasa Show Time

Our Children Our Future

Smart Kids

You didn't have a Ghanaian childhood if you missed any of these vintage tv shows.


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