Afronita and Abigail make Ghana proud with energetic performance at BGT finals

In a spectacular display of talent and energy, Ghanaian dancers Afronita and Abigail captivated audiences and judges alike during the finals of Britain’s Got Talent (BGT).

Afronita X Abigail

Their dynamic performance not only earned them a standing ovation but also brought immense pride to Ghana.

The finals, held on a grand stage with a global audience, saw the duo deliver a high-energy routine that seamlessly blended traditional Ghanaian dance with contemporary styles. Afronita and Abigail, known for their vibrant choreography and infectious energy, did not disappoint as they executed complex moves with precision and grace.

Their journey on BGT has been remarkable, with each performance showcasing their exceptional talent and dedication to their craft from their audition, which left the judges in awe, to the semifinals where they secured their spot in the finals, Afronita and Abigail have consistently impressed both the panel and the viewers.

The support from Ghanaians worldwide has been overwhelming, with social media buzzing with pride and excitement. Many fans have taken to Twitter and Instagram to express their admiration for Afronita and Abigail, praising their ability to represent Ghana on such a prestigious platform.


Their performance has not only elevated their status as international dance stars but also shone a spotlight on the rich cultural heritage of Ghana. As they await the final results, Afronita and Abigail have already made history, inspiring countless young dancers in Ghana and beyond.

Regardless of the competition’s outcome, Afronita and Abigail’s journey on Britain’s Got Talent has been a victory in itself. Their presence on the global stage is a testament to their hard work, passion, and the vibrant spirit of Ghanaian culture.


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