I got pregnant at 16 after my first sex; Abena Afriyie shares motherhood story (WATCH)

Abena Afriyie is a Ghanaian makeup artist and creative director who has worked with the likes of Wizkid and others.

Abena Afriyie

In a campaign to celebrate amazing mothers as the parts of the world mark Mother's Day today, the fast-growing makeup artiste shared her motherhood story of how helpless she was after her teenage pregnancy but survived it to become a proud mother.

"I got pregnant at the age of sixteen, I am not a bad girl, it just happened. He was my first boyfriend," she said. Detailing how she met her then-lover, Afriyie narrated that "we met one day when I was my way home".


Afriyie who is also winning hearts with her TikTok content on the platform continued that "he proposed to me, I thought it was love so I gave it a chance and the first time I got pregnant".

Speaking about her experience, she said "in an African home, they don't openly talk about sex and the consequences of having sex so when I got pregnant, I didn't really know from the beginning, I thought I was sick"

"When I realized I was pregnant, I was very scared, I didn't tell anybody, nobody in the house knew, nobody suspected it because I was such an innocent child nobody even though I knew how to do something with a man, so it was a surprise to everyone," she added.

According to the Creative Director who works with WÜNDERLUXE, her own startup into makeup for individuals, movies and more, nobody in her family knew about her pregnancy until it was about 6 months.


"That is when my stepmother noticed it," Afriyie who also models for variety of beauty and fashion brands stated.

The self-styled entrepreneur who sells lady's accessories, hair dye among others, recounted that "at that age obviously I didn't want to have a child because obviously, I was too young"

"My boyfriend at that time got pissed off as it if it was my fault, he wanted me to abort it," Afriyie said and continued that "being as young as I am, I didn't know what to do, I had no idea of how to abort a child ... so I did nothing".

Abena Afriyie's son is now 13 years of age and she says she's always a proud mum when people see her with son and get shocked when they realized she is his mother and not brother.


"When I am with him in town, people think he is my brother, every time they mistake him for my brother, I am like he is my son and the first question that comes after that is "how old are you?' I get that reaction a lot," Afriyie said and added that "in a way, it makes me happy when they have that reaction".

The PRO makeup artiste based in Accra is now advising young girls to stay away from sex, emphasizing that "having a child is not just about taking them school, you also have to dedicate your time and attention".

"So I will encourage protected sex and abstinence, you should abstain girls, stay in school, focus, I wish I had someone to tell me this".


Hear her say more about her ordeal which has turned to her joys of motherhood in the video below.


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