According to the ace actor who has been married to Elom for the past thirteen years, one thing he continues to battle daily is how the opposite sex have been pushing to get something to do with him.

The actor was speaking to media practitioner, Nana Adwoa Sarkodie, during an Instagram live interaction. Talking about some challenges fame and his career brings to him, he said “one challenge I constantly deal with is the attention I get from the opposite sex. It never gets to a point where I can say I'm done with that. It's a daily battle”.

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Detailing which kind of women make these moves towards him, he continued that “the ladies are bold, they come at me,” and talking about how handles this battle he said, “but the Bible even tells us to flee from such temptations”.

Adjetey Anang who waited for several years before becoming a father after marriage also shed some light on that as the conversation with Nana Adwoa was titled “Waiting on God with Adjetey Anang”.

Adjety Anang and family
Adjety Anang and family

Speaking about his predicament he said "It was really hard waiting for 7 years to have a child after marriage. In hindsight, I can put it in perspective and encourage others. The wait was worth it because it increased my faith."

Hear more from in the interview below as he offered suggestions on how best sensitive matters as such can be handled in the society.