Ahoufe Patri denies depression rumours

Ghanaian actress Priscilla Opoku Agyeman, known as Ahoufe Patri, has addressed recent rumors about her mental health, denying claims that she is suffering from depression.

Ahoufe Patri

During an open discussion on "Between Hours," Ahoufe Patri clarified that she has never described herself as “depressed” in any interview. “There was a story that came out to say that I opened up about my depression, but I never said that,” she stated.

Ahoufe Patri expressed her concern over the spread of misinformation and criticized irresponsible reporting. “I don’t think people think about the things they put out there for others to read. What bloggers put out there about me still baffles me,” she said.

She explained that she chose not to respond to these accusations initially to avoid drawing undue attention to them. “I didn’t come out to refute their claims because it’s not important. I believe that whatever you give attention to is what is going to grow,” she noted.


Despite the rumours, Ahoufe Patri emphasised that she is happy and thriving, ending on a positive note by affirming, “I am a very happy girl who is thriving.”

Ahoufe Patri has been more vocal lately also called out married men a few weeks ago. In a video shared on socialmedia, the actress questioned the underlying motivations behind marriage, asking, "Are you guys forced to get married? Do they put a gun to your head and match you to the altar?" This provocative inquiry ignited a discourse on the complexities of marital commitments.

Ahoufe Patri continued with her observations, sharing her experience of being pursued by a married man who attempted to woo her with lavish attention. Reflecting on this encounter, she remarked, "So you marry in order to save your life, but you don't really want to get married. What's happening? Ok, so this man started giving me attention in December. Pressure paa, the love bombing."

However, the actress remained steadfast in her refusal to engage in a relationship founded on deceit and infidelity. Asserting her independence and moral integrity, she stated, "Hm But unfortunately for him, I'm too old for that. So I saw right through it."


Ahoufe Patri concluded with a pointed remark, highlighting the implications of infidelity on one's spiritual well-being. "Tell me why today is his wife's birthday. Hey, so you are married, you people will not go to heaven, bye-bye?" she concluded, adding fuel to the fiery debate surrounding the ethics of marriage and fidelity.


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