Leaked photos of singer reveal she isn't flawless afterall

These photos of Beyoncé (which were seemingly not retouched) are causing a major frenzy in the cyberspace, they are not perfect at all...

Beyonce's photos from her 2012 L'oreal Advert were leaked online few minutes ago and its sent the whole cyberspace into a frenzy as the picture perfect King Bey was lost on us!

Ladies break out with blemishes here and there but never did we imagine Beyonce's stripped (in this case well made up but unretouched) face would be far from flawless.

The unretouched photos show Beyonce made up for the shoot but her usual flawless skin was replaced by a blemished skin with prominent dark spots/dots on her face. Her face was lack lustre as even the make-up couldn't conceal the underlying dullness of her entire face.

The photos released  via online portal; Beyonceworld, has been taken down but somehow a few photos have already been saved into cyberspace.


Take a look at the 'real' Beyonce, guess she's not flawless afterall, no?


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