Kristina’s family members have decided to organize a candle light vigil for her and give the public the chance to pay their respects and pray for the recovery of the 21-year-old.

Jerod Brown, a cousin wrote on his Facebook page “who is coming tomorrow??? #Still pray for BK” and shared a flyer which read “shinning a light for healing by candlelight for Bobbi Kristina Brown. All are welcome to attend as a show of support for Bobbi Kriss and family”.

The vigil comes on at the Amphitheater 7210 Church St, Riverdale Town Center in Georgia on Monday February 9 at 7ppm.

Family members of Kristina still seems to be hoping on a miracle as a Brown family member tells People’s Magazine “There has been no change; we are hoping that God will see fit to perform a miracle in her so that she will get the Glory”.

“Everyone is praying; we have laid hands on Krissi and have been praying for a miracle. I don’t know why that is so controversial. If it were your child, you would do the same thing. Where there is life, there is hope”.