'Build a School for them'- Sonnie Badu proposes solution to Agyinasare - Nogokpo issue

Gospel singer Sonnie Badu has waded into the ongoing dispute between Archbishop Charles Agyinasare and the chiefs and elders of Nogokpo in the Volta Region, urging both parties to seek peace and understanding.

Gospel singer Sonnie Badu and Archbishop Charles Agyinasare

The controversy began when reports emerged that Archbishop Agyinasare had referred to the Nogokpo community as the "demonic headquarters of the Volta Region" during a recent sermon.

In response, Sonnie Badu took to Facebook to express his views on the matter.

While acknowledging that he is not affiliated with Perez Chapel International, Badu commended Bishop Agyinasare for his charitable work in the Volta Region, highlighting the fact that his wife hails from the region and their children bear Ewe names, which demonstrates his love and appreciation for the area.

Regarding the remarks made by Archbishop Agyinasare, Badu stated that it was not uncommon for towns to have instances of witchcraft or mischief caused by agitated principalities. He suggested that the Archbishop should consider building a school in Nogokpo as a gesture of love and reconciliation, stating that such an act would be remembered for years to come.


In his plea for peace, love, and respect between Bishop Agyinasare and the people of Nogokpo, Badu even went as far as to suggest that the gods of Nogokpo would support his stance.

The intervention by Sonnie Badu comes after the chiefs and elders of Nogokpo demanded an apology and retraction from Archbishop Agyinasare within a 14-day ultimatum.

In solidarity with their leader, Perez Chapel has announced a week-long period of fasting and prayers.


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