Just weeks after a girl put up a supposed photo of Chris Brown’s penis on Twitter, another girl is claiming to have had sex with the singer and she has evidence.

Several photos were taken of the star showing his back tattoos and his clothes, including a unique pair of painted pants that he owns.

According to a post on an online forum:

I have a nice cup of tea ….That Chris cheated on karrueche this past Sunday….. Chris was leaving the supper club this past Sunday when he took a bunch of girl backs to his place and f$#ked them.

There even is a video of him leaving the Supper club talking with his cousin Rob and they were pointing at girls to bring back to the place with him…that video is on radar online however I know for a fact that he slept with at least one girl.

Someone that I know sent me a video of her in bed with him “Chris” is laying there on his stomach….and before anyone says that this could be an old video …….in the video she panned her camera around the room …you see that he has hung up on a hanger graffiti painted pants that he happened to wear last week to the Andy Warhol art collection.

A video (posted below) also shows Chris Brown apparently arranging for some girls after leaving the club

After the news broke, the star's girlfriend Karrueche Tran tweeted:

“Looks like I’m a single lady again”

She has also unfollowed him on Instagram. Seems like contrary to Chris’ song, "These h*es ain't loyal", he’s the one whose loyalty should really be in question.