She described Mr Dumelo's hugging of girls at the University of Ghana as "predatory" and "gross."

Dumelo had on Val's Day spend time with "single ladies" at the university of Ghana to "spread love."

Many political watchers have described his move as a campaign strategy since he has interest in contesting the Ayawaso West Wuogon seat in the 2020 election.

However, Nana Ama had a whole different perspective about the incident.

Dumelo shared a video of the female students hugging him, excited and beaming with smiles, on his Twitter handle.

And he got a jaw-dropping response from the co-host of the Citi Breakfast Show.

"You mean no one on your team told you not to do this because it is predatory and gross?," Nana Ama replied to the video.

Her tweet has attracted dissenting replies from Twitter users who believe she is making a meal out of Dumelo's action.

Below are some reaction to her tweet:

"There will be a time when nobody will take Citi fm’s Nana Ama serious again. She’s not a feminist, she’s just a misandrist," a Twitter wrote.

"Oh this is gross and disrespectful to women. Why is he sitting and eating whilst his househelp pours him a drink? All he's telling us is women don't need to eat on same table and time with men. This is the problem men supremacy has created" - Nana Ama

"Nana Ama makes feminism look like it's for hungry and depressed people"

"Please someone tell that Nana Ama & those other misandrists hiding behind feminism that,not all men are the same,not all men are like the uncle that hurt you,when you were a kid! Sm"

"If you are a man, you need to be very careful in your dealings with a woman. These are dangerous times to be a Man when you have people like Nana Ama Agyemang Asante ready to find a problem and tag you with the worse description ever of any act you put out in relation to a woman."

"Always out of place. Loneliness is what is killing you. Hate is what is boiling your heart. Depression is the cause of your hate.. Because of you, some people don't want to listen Ben and co on the morning show. #Nana Ama nunu"

It must be pointed out that some Twitter users also agreed with her.

"Nana Ama Agyeman Asante is totally right. But y'all can't see that because environmental conditioning is hard," a user wrote in support of her.

Another also voiced support: "Maybe Nana Ama's tweet didn't give proper context but you know what she meant. If he had entered unannounced into the spaces of single women in their 30s, the response would have been different. He chose impressionable uni girls for a reason & that's why it's predatory."