We first met our father when we were 14 – DopeNation

Ghanaian music duo Michael and Tony Boafo, members of the popular group DopeNation, shared a compelling story about their father during an interview on The Delay Show on February 4, 2024.


The brothers revealed that they had been estranged from their Fante father for fourteen years, only connecting with him when their mother changed careers, and the family moved to Takoradi.

The Boafo brothers recounted how their mother, of Ewe ancestry, relocated to Takoradi for work without initially informing them that their father resided there.

Speaking in unison, they explained, “Our mother used to work for Unilever. Our dad worked as a principal at Takoradi Technical Institute, and she resided in a guest house.” The revelation about their father's presence in Takoradi only came to light when their mother started working there.


Describing their initial impressions of meeting their father, they found the experience "interesting." The discovery of their shared dark skin with their father marked a turning point in their relationship. They humorously noted, "Since our mother has fairly pale skin, we have always been curious about our ancestry. We look like dad in certain aspects, but altogether, we actually look like our mother."

Building a connection with their father was a gradual process, facilitated by his acts of providing for them, such as buying them things, picking them up from school, and showing them his properties.


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