Ghanaians troll Benedicta Gafah for missing ‘belly button’ in a photoshopped picture

Among impossible beauty standards set by the media is the flat tummy trend. And as for Benedicta Gafah, having a flat tummy includes photoshopping her navel out of her picture. 

Benedicta Gafah

Not only does the internet never forget, in fact, it sees everything including pictures missing belly buttons. And unfortunately for Benedicta Gafah, her photoshop faux pas did not go unnoticed beneath the watchful eyes of Instagram trolls. 

Although she came up with an excuse for the alien-like appearance of the picture, that still didn’t add up why someone would go the extra mile to cover their belly button. Whilst deliberating exposing their midriff in a photo.  

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Our belly button differentiates us from other spices among other things. It is the point of contact between the unborn baby and its mother through a joining cord called the placenta. So basically, the navel is our first scar as the cut placenta dries of our bodies. 

So what is Benedicta trying to tell us with this alien-like appearance her lack of a belly button portrays? 


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