Habiba Sinare says campaign against Dumsor not necessary; here's her reason

Habiba Sinare is of the view that any protest against the severe power outages Ghanaians are facing will be unnecessary at this moment.

Habiba Sinare

According to the Ghanaian actress, most of the socialites, influencers, or stakeholders who may amplify the campaign may be doing it for clout and social media validation while neglecting the real issue.

Habiba Sinare argues that the Ghanaian government is aware of the 'dumsor' challenges and would have taken steps to resolve them if it wanted to.

Speaking on the development during a discussion on United Showbiz, Habiba said she won't join any intended 'dumsor' protest, adding that it would simply be a waste of time.

"I won't join any protest. Who said they don't know we are suffering? What haven't we done in this country for the International media to pick it up? Where are we? We are still where we are and worse. Ghana is a small country, and we shouldn't go through what we are going through," she said.

Further lamenting on the issue, she added that "We are better than this. This dumsor thing there is nothing I can say or do about it because I don't work at the Ministry of Energy. But it seems that it's like we are not entitled to know more and nobody is entitled to explain anything to us. We deserve better. I prayed for Ghana during Ramadan and I hope we do well."

Habiba Sinare, however, pleaded with the government to ensure that power is stabilized at various health facilities in the country.

Meanwhile, there have been calls on Influential Ghanaians to hit the streets to protest against the 'dumsor' crises.

A few days ago, Yvonne Nelson took to Twitter to advocate for a second vigil in response to the ongoing power crisis in Ghana.

Nelson, known for her involvement in the 2015 #DumsorMustStop campaign, expressed her disappointment with the current government's handling of the situation.

Her tweet read: “Imani Ghana, can we organize another vigil? I've been waiting for you to reach out like you did years back. (your team made our demo a success) I'm reaching out myself. The NPP and its leadership @NAkufoAddo have taken Ghanaians for granted. #DUMSORMUSTSTOP.”

The hashtag #DUMSORMUSTSTOP, which gained prominence during the online protests against erratic power supply, is now resurfacing as Nelson advocates for action.

Nelson's call to action reflects the growing frustration among Ghanaians over the persistent energy issues plaguing the nation.

The recurring power outages, known locally as "dumsor," have been disrupting businesses and daily life since late 2023, with the situation worsening in 2024. Despite government officials' claims that these outages are not indicative of "dumsor," many citizens believe otherwise, citing the similarities to the crisis experienced in 2015


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