'Heaven is in our heart, I don't believe in Jesus Christ' - Pure Akan

Ghanaian rapper and songwriter, Pure Akan, has shared his unconventional thought on the 'heaven and hell' concept.

Pure Akan

Despite the 'Wo Dansefoɔ' rapper saying that he believes in the Almighty God (creator) who made mankind to live and die, he has disclosed that he doesn’t believe in the concept of hell and heaven after one has died.

The Ghanaian musician who has released his second studio album, NYAME MMA, made this assertion in an interview on Akoma FM where he explained that there is no place called hell, adding that, even heaven is in the hearts.

"I believe in heaven, but I also think that it’s in our hearts. If you live your life well and it pleases God, you’ll live long… you will be happy and good living will be your portion, Pure Akan explained.

Asked if he believe in Jesus Christ, Pure Akan said he rather believes there was a man called ‘Yeshua’ who once lived a clean life. The musician is currently promoting his album, Nyame Mma which has been receiving high reviews so far.

In related news, Barima Sydney also shocked some fans when he shared his perspective of how he understands the Christian religion.

The Ghanaian singer has revealed that he doesn't believe in God but believes in Jesus Christ. “I’m a believer, not Christian, I'm a true believer of Christ, everyone can be a Christian because everyone goes to church, a believer is the one with the Holy Spirit".

"I don’t mention God I mention Christ Jesus," Barima Sydney said in an interview on TV XYZ. Asked about God as Jesus' father, he quizzed “which father? and explained that "you see it’s the same Jesus Christ".

Taking it to heaven, he continued that "are you telling me that if you enter heaven now you will see three chairs, your God on one of the chairs then your Jesus and Holy Spirit? Is that how you picturing heaven to be? It’s just one seat and it’s Christ Jesus who sits on it and he’s the Holy Spirit over there now … He manifests himself every time".

Speaking about the biblical story of God sending his only begotten son to come on earth, Sydney claims that "first he used to deal with us directly as the father then he realized that it won’t help so he had to come as flesh .. nipa.. he came to have a feel of our flesh and to tell us all we need to know after he left and asked the spirit to stay with us".

According to the 'Africa Money' hitmaker, "it’s like an egg it’s one but has various parts. They say God the father-son and Holy Spirit but God in 3 persons .. so he’s one". Hear more from him in the video below and share your thoughts with us. Do you believe in God, Jesus or both?


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