I don’t provide closure after a relationship fails because it’s not a nice thing to do – Bright (Buk Bak)

According to Bright of Buk Bak fame, once you sense some distance whilst in a relationship with him please leave. Because he will not tell you it is over, he will just walk out of the relationship. 

Bright of Buk Bak fame

This disclosure was made when he met ace TV show host Deloris Frimpong on the Delay show. The interview took a turn when the musician revealed that he doesn’t tell his partners when he’s no longer interested in them, he lives quietly. 

He further explained that all relationships have one agenda which is things should go well. And if didn’t go as expected then both parties are aware that they have come to the end of the road. And they should quietly move on. He said the reason why he won’t tell you is that it not a nice thing to do. 

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He said, “If you once loved someone and you are no longer interested in a relationship with them. You are not supposed to go back and tell them to their face that you are not interested.” Even though he refused to say how he broke the news to his past girlfriends, he said it all boils down to mutual understanding. 



So my dear ladies, just in case you end up a man like Bright, believe the red flags. They are flying out on purpose. And may God give men to strength to provide women with closure. 


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