I survived without sex for 14 years, and have been faithful to my wife for the past 26 years - McAbraham brags

Legendary Gospel musician, Rev. Sarpong McAbraham, has opened up about how long he stayed without having sex.

Sarpong McAbraham,

He disclosed in an interview with Dave Hammer on Hello FM that he stayed for about 14 years without having sex.

According to him, this was after he had a child before getting married.

After becoming born again, McAbraham said God strengthened him not to have s3x with anyone until he married.

The Gospel music icon stressed that God was his helper in staying from such practice.


He further disclosed that he has never cheated on his wife after 26 years of marriage.

McAbraham stated the difference between being born again and life before accepting Jesus in his life.

The pastor stated that after becoming a born-again Christian, God granted him the willpower to refrain from engaging in extramarital affairs. He emphasised that his faith in Christ had kept him devoted to his wife for their over two decades of marriage.

In an Instagram video shared by Dave Hammer on Hello FM, the preacher disclosed he had borne a child out of wedlock before getting married to his significant half.


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