I was born a Christian but I now believe in every religion - Okyeame Kwame reveals

Ghanaian rapper Okyeame Kwame has revealed that he does not subscribe to one religion because he derives his faith from every religion.

Okyeame Kwame

Speaking to Kwame Dadzie on Joy Prime, he revealed that he does not adhere to one specific religion but identifies as an omnist, drawing inspiration and faith from various religious beliefs.

“I was born as a Christian in the Methodist Church and then I grew up in the Christian faith until I was maybe 14 years.

Most of my values are Christian. My father was a Catholic. My mother went to the Methodist Church so I grew up doing catechism and all that. I went to an Anglican school so most of my socialisation has been very Christian. But in my adult life, I don’t think I can call myself a Christian in the full sense. I call myself an omnist,” he said.


The 'Rap Doctor' said he finds spiritual guidance in different religious traditions depending on the aspect he resonates with. For example, when it comes to appreciating nature, respecting trees and rivers, he looks to African traditions.

His love for animals aligns with Buddhist teachings.; his love for animals makes him a Buddhist; when it comes to the ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ teaching in the Bible, he is Christian; but he also becomes a Muslim for his extreme respect to God and owing all power for him.

He added that he does not want to limit himself to one religion so that he cannot tap into the virtues of the other religions.

Asked if he believes in Jesus Christ, Okyeame Kwame said: “Belief is a dangerous word. Very dangerous. I think that one of key reasons why Africans don’t develop as quickly as we want to is because of the word ‘belief’.


He said knowing something is stronger than believing it; the word ‘believe’ means having been told about something and not querying its verity even though there is no empirical evidence to back it.

“The question of believing in Jesus Christ, that I don’t have an answer for because I wasn’t there. It happened 2000 years ago. There is no way for me to verify whether it happened or not. However, do I know that the life Jesus led, if I led that life I would be a better person, I would say yes,” he the host Kwame Dadzie.

In January 2023, Okyeame Kwame as part of getting himself acquainted with various religions had the opportunity to explore different religions when he met Sadhguru, the founder of the Insha Foundation, during the latter's visit to India.


The Insha Foundation, established in 1992, operates an ashram and yoga center that focuses on educational and spiritual activities.


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