In an interview to promote her new movie "Baby Mama", she noted that she has no time for relationship and that she will only be with a man to satisfy her sexual needs.

"It is stress free, let's put all joke aside," she told Zionfelix in Twi. "Imagine crushing on someone and inviting the person to satisfy you in bed and kicking him out after."

"In this era, how can anyone contemplate asking me to be his girlfriend," she concluded.

However, posting on Instagram on Sunday in a dramatic U-turn, the Ghanaian actress said it was just a joke and people should not take her statement seriously.

“Hello Ghana, Good morning to everybody. My name is Tracey as you know. And there is this video trending on social media when Zion was interviewing my friend and I just walked in to joke.

I t was just a joke nothing serious. I beg everybody…my fans, friends, family and everybody. Please, I was just joking I didn’t mean it. I haven’t gotten to any level…you know the kind of person I am,” Tracey Boakye explained and apologized in a video.