According to him, the decision to ply this road has proved costly and is now haunting the Ghanaian movie industry.

He noted that it was a mistake to show movies on television for free, insisting no one expected things to turn out this way.

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Socrate Safo
Socrate Safo

“If we had known that this step would become a thorn in our flesh today, I’m sure we wouldn’t have done that,” Socrate Safo told the Graphic Showbiz.

“At a point in the movie industry, we wanted to enlarge our territories and get our works out there more so we started advertising on television."

He added: “What the plan was, was that, we would allow the television stations to show the part one of the movie and at the end tell people to buy the CD in order to watch the second part or other parts."

"We agreed to this deal so it was more of a barter trade, we give you our content for free and they give us airtime to show our content, little did we know that it was going to hit us in our faces, making that move was a mistake.”

The Ghanaian movie industry used to be one of the most vibrant on the continent but has hit a snag in recent years.

Currently, very few movies are being produced in the industry, with many citing a lack of investment and patronage for the current challenges.