Actress Martha Ankomah has revealed that she has very little interest in attending parties organised in night clubs.

She said her conservative persona means she clubbing is not one of the things she usually enjoys.

According to her, the only time she went close to a club was when she was performing a role in a movie that required her to.

Martha Ankomah was speaking in an interview with Frankys on Hitz FM’s Damascus Experience show.

Actress Martha Ankomah
Actress Martha Ankomah

“I’ve never been to the nightclub before. The only time I go to the nightclub is when I am acting. My friends know. When they are going out at night I don’t go,” the actress said.

She added that avoiding night clubs “has helped me a save money” since she doesn’t spend on such things.

Touching on her upbringing, Martha Ankomah said she was raised in a strict and typical Christian home.

She further refuted claims that her real-life character is the same as what she normally portrays when acting.

According to her, she is a totally different person compared to the ‘bad girl’ role that she normally plays in movies.

“You will have to go to Sunday school before you eat rice water. For me, becoming a Christian started from childhood. My mum and dad contributed a lot,” she explained.

“Growing up till date, I give credit to God and my mum. When I give birth, I’ll train my daughters the same way.”