Commenting on the claim by songstress Mzbel’s that she left MetroTV because of him, the former host of Allo Tigo revealed; “When I heard that, I thought it was quiet funny. She said she left Metro TV because of me, I need to ask her why”.

“For most people who have worked with me, I’m a bit of a . Anything I work on I need to make sure it’s done right. If you ask or anyone I have done work with, after we record, I get home and then call Kaywa to tell him I didn’t like how I sounded and so we should scrub it”, he added.

He continued that the songstress left because of an argument which was normal with people working together but she apparently did not like it.

“She was my assistant producer on Smash TV and if you are working on content and don’t argue about what should be in it or out of it then you’re not going to get a great show. One of those things happened and I think she didn’t like it. But things happen”, he concluded.