Kalybos finally speaks on alleged feud with Funny Face over a girl

Kalybos has finally clarified that there's no bad blood between him and comedian Funny Face, despite rumours suggesting otherwise.

Kalybos and Funny Face

Kalybos explained that while he and Funny Face were once close, their relationship has become less tight over time due to past events that made him more cautious about friendships.

He stressed the importance of choosing friends wisely to avoid complications in life. Speaking on Onua FM, Kalybos mentioned that although his bond with Funny Face may not be as strong as before, it doesn't mean they're not friends anymore.

When asked about their friendship by host Felicia Osei, Kalybos responded, "It's not that we're no longer friends. Certain situations toughen you, and not everyone who enters your life is meant to stay. It's best not to cling to what should not remain. We haven't met recently, but certain events reveal who should be near you. So, there's no tension."


Kalybos also addressed Funny Face's accusation that he pursued a woman Funny Face had been involved with.

He denied the claim, stating that he wouldn't get involved with someone associated with Funny Face. He even mentioned how his fiancée jokes about the accusation, which he finds baseless.

Kalybos urged the public to disregard Funny Face's claims, admitting that he's unsure about the reasons behind Funny Face's issues. It's important to note that this disagreement occurred before Kalybos got married recently.

During the interview with Felicia Osei, the actor also gushed about the sweetness of marriage, confessing that he had no idea it could be this fulfilling until he said "I do" to the love of his life.


"I didn't know marriage could be this sweet until I married the love of my life. If you wake up to relaise somebdoy cares and thinks about you more than yourself , it feels good...if I had known it would have married three years ago," Kalybos remarked.


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