Kobi Rana dares Eugene Nkansah to go for DNA test on his child with Victoria Lebene

Ghanaian filmmaker and actor, Kobi Rana, has accused the wife of Eugene Nkansah of infidelity.

Eugene Nkansah, Victoria lebene and Kobi Rana

In a post on his Instagram page, angry Kobi Rana expressed his disappointment in the Ghanaian entertainment journalist for posting negative content about him on his social media pages.

The filmmaker states that he had no problem with bloggers not supporting his works because he has been able to rule the movie industry in Ghana without their support. However, he says he expects those who don't support not to drag his name in the mud.

I don't have a problem with some bloggers not supporting or posting my works. After all, I have been ruling movie shows nationwide all these years without them. But when they post other shid about me just for likes and foolish comments, dem for chop vawulence,” he said.

Kobi further went on to warn Eugene Nkansah that if he dared to post about him again, he would give him enough reason to go for a DNA test, a statement that levelsinfidelityy accusation on the wife of the blogger.


Eugene Nkansah, after all, that happened last year, you have the idiocy to post me again for stupid attention. The next time you post me again, I will give you enough reason to go for a DNA test. Your stinking marriage is what needs blogging,” he added.

According to Kobi Rana any agenda to pull him down had never succeeded and never would.

I warned you last year. Try again and see. By now, everybody should know better not to mess with me in this industry. You all watched me post and promote my Xmas and vals day movies alone. Now you post me for traffic," he said.

He continued, "try again. I dare you. I am happily in my lane. Stay in yours. Your agenda to pull me down has NEVER succeeded, and it never will. You don't even deserve my brains and creativity".


Eugene Nkansah and his actress wife, Victoria Lebene are yet to respond to Kobi Rana's accusation.


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