I can 'bully' Mr. Drew for my royalties because I came before him unlike Keche - Kuami

'Rockstar' Kuami Eugene has revealed that he asserted himself in securing his 50% copyright shares from Mr Drew because he entered the industry before Mr Drew did and can 'bully' him for them.

Kuami Eugene

According to him, the decision to involve lawyers was necessary as mutual conversations proved futile.

In addition, Kuami Eugene mentioned that he is yet to receive royalties for the song "No Dulling" with the musical group Keche.

Despite the absence of a legal dispute, he expressed disappointment in the situation, emphasizing that respect for Keche, who started making music before him, led him to handle the matter more discreetly.


Speaking on Berla Mundi's Day show , he said "It hurts, I mean someone knocks your door at 3am and you open up and make it work and now the gestures make it look like they make it look like they did everything by their selves. I wrote one of Adina's biggest songs "Big Love" and never took any shine away and she is still enjoying it now, I mean I co-wrote the chorus with Okyeame Kwame.

"I still have have royalties' for "No dulling" , I have spoke about it and they say how much will will we get that you want to share but you are making money from the song and If i respect you because you started music before me and now we have a project out there and it's making money and you are aware and you want me to still approach you and say I still have not received my share , it's not cool.

It's the same issue with Mr Drew , I had to go confront them that I have a percentage and you need to give it to me".

When asked why he involved lawyers in the case of Mr Drew and not with Keche, he said " Because I came before him and I can bully him for my share.


With all that happened, he still called me and said we should forget what ever happened and that I should send him my details so send me my shares" he added.

The ‘Rockstar’ had earlier revealed that he wrote about eighty percent of Mr. Drew’s song, ' Case’ but the latter failed to either acknowledge his input or pay him.

After a lot of back and forth Kuami Eugene has disclosed that Mr. Drew has fulfilled his financial obligation of his contribution to the song, ‘Case’.


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