Actor gives powerful speech on 'Black Lives Matter' at BET Awards

The 'Fantastic Four' actor called the killings of black people in America, ''Domestic Terrorism''

Michael B. Jordan

After the killing of countless innocent black people last and this year in the USA, including the recent killings at a church in Charleston, actor Michael B. Jordan, 28, felt the need to remind the US government via BET Awards 2015 that 'Black Lives Matter' no matter what!

'That Awkward Moment' actor took the stage at the music event on Sunday, June 28 to render a powerful speech about the importance of love and unity in America.

Here's his speech:

We’d like to take a moment to send out prayers and strength to our people in , who have endured but are prevailing over a horrific act of . But because of that amazing resilience, and forgiveness of that community, the acts of that madman are having the exact opposite effect that he intended. All over South Carolina, love is triumphing over hate, the way it should.

Every year, at the BET Awards, we shine a light on individuals who make extraordinary contributions to our community, but this year we’re going to shine a light in a different way. Tonight, we shine a light in honor of the many men, women, and children who stood up, held signs, marched, took to social media, got arrested, or even laid down in protest as a part of the .

We are shining a light on all of you. We are shining a light on the people of Ferguson, Baltimore, New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Oakland, North Charleston, South Carolina, and McKinley, Texas, and everywhere else in this country where we’ve had to find the strength to fight through the sorrow of losing innocent lives while simultaneously demanding the justice we so richly deserve.

BET is shining a light on you, for taking to the streets, insisting that Black Lives Matter, and being a constant reminder that we are not yet where we intend to be. Black Lives Matter. You matter. We see you, and we applaud your unbreakable, unshakeable strength. Thank you.


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