Actress dishes tips on making celebrity marriages work

Omotola says discipline is key when it comes to making celebrity marriages work.

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

With the rate at which celebrity marriages are falling apart, the veteran Nollywood actress' advice is much needed.

Omotola who was one of the panellists at the Innovation Warehouse, a mentorship programme for aspiring filmmakers and actors during the just concluded Africa International Film Festival in Lagos, shared her own insight into the workings of a successful marriage.

She emphasised that in marriages between those who work in the entertainment industry, partners must share the same faith.

“They must believe in you.

"If you’re a Christian and you marry someone who is not born again then you are on your own. Your partner needs to be stronger than you. They are the ones getting the aftermath of your own action.

"Choose a partner who understands entertainment. Don’t choose your fan. Personally, I don’t believe in love at first sight. Pick someone who sees your heart, your soul, someone who sees the real you and not afraid to tell you about your flaws.

"Discipline is key. Everyone wants freedom but too much freedom is bad. Be disciplined. It’s better to be an enemy to a work partner than to your family. Learn to say No!

"We are like nurses and doctors in the industry because we can be called upon at any time”.

Understanding the pressures younger actors and actresses face to get a movie role, Omotola advised that they must be wary of such advances.

“Sometimes you will get a role for giving yourself out but you won’t be able to retain it.

If you become famous it will later haunt you. But don’t run away from your sexuality, don’t shy away from who you are, enjoy who you are, come on there but come out with substance."

Omotola is happily married to Captain Matthew Ekeinde and they are blessed with four lovely kids.


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