OPINION: Fella Makafui's brand is bleeding. Here's the cure

If Cardi B, a proudly known ex-stripper, now has a Grammy and can be celebrated, why can’t Fella be celebrated too? If even Kim Kardashian who got famous through a sex tape is now a global icon, why can’t Fella be accepted even as a local icon of her village? 

Fella Makafui

If you can juxtapose the paradox in the previous statements then we can now have an unarguable conversation that there’s something wrong with the brand Fella Makafui. This is because Cardi B and Kim K seemingly have worst past than Fella but she gets overly insulted than any of them though she’s profusely working to brand herself in a positive light. 

Social media went haywire some weeks ago when Fella was honoured as a globally impactful feminist by the SRC of Koforidua Technical University. The outrage extended to the university where some people even threaten to boycott the school should they be looking forward to tertiary education. 

So, what is with Fella Makafui that it makes it look like anything she touches might rather turn to a curse and attract gratuitous ridicule? 

Here’s is a simple reason.

Fella has a very questionable and mysterious source of income, which she hasn’t been open about. When that question pops up anytime, the actress hides behind the cliche of saying that: “I do a lot of things outside social media that people don’t know about”. If it’s any legit business, why hide it from the public (perhaps, it might motivate fans)?

If it’s any legit business, why won’t Fella say it to erase the watered down thoughts that she lives on sponsors (that’s money from men)? Till date, Fella has not been able to give any sound explanation devoid of any unclarities and contradictions as to why her first wine shop was allegedly closed down by a boyfriend of hers. 

At another time, her supposed cars were also allegedly seized by another 'sponsor'. Till date, the young actress has not been able to explain that story. 

With all these at the back of the mind of people, one will certainly get upset if Fella comes to his/her presence to portray herself as an entrepreneur. A self-made entrepreneur whose cars and shop were once seized by alleged sponsors? 

Fella must know that without clearing the doubts about her past or providing sound explanations to some of these 'sponsorship' issues surrounding her supposed young brand, then she’ll keep upsetting people with every step of hers, no matter what. Even if she goes to heaven, people will say she banged the angels for a free pass.

It is like gagging fans with "Kpo Keke" telling them it’s Irish cream. Certainly, even if the person believes it and tastes it, the difference will be clear later and the person will be upset. If next time you bottle 'sobolo' (local beverage) and tell them it is Coca Cola, the taste will once again expose you, and it will passively become your brand (the lying brand or the joking brand).

Fella Makafui branding herself as a young actress cum entrepreneur is also like slicing vegetables on a pancake and telling people it’s pizza. Obviously, everyone will be upset that you belittled their wisdom and expected them to believe that crap is pizza and expecting them to eat it with some Coca Cola to wash it down as if it’s real pizza.

Fella claiming to be a successful entrepreneur is also like a wounded and bleeding hunter, who covers his sore with a bloodstained bandage whiles delivering a TEDx talk about how he manages to escape mosquito bites during hunting. It’s only the gullible ones who’ll believe that talk and applause. The hunter who actually tells the story of how he got wounded before killing a game, gets the thundering sounds of applause if not a standing ovation.

What's the way forward?

Here is the way forward to make the Fella brand more acceptable to receive a real sound of applause if not a standing ovation. 

1. Everyone has a past, sometimes a dirty one. Cardi B has, so as Kim Kardashian but they have turned it around into a positive light and a more globally accepted brands. 

They did it with a simple truth. By being open about their past and showing regrets of what they have done. 

When this happens, everyone who knows everyone has a past life will rather be your strongest soldiers. They will cheer you on and watch you rewrite your past. This is exactly the movement behind Cardi B becoming a Grammy winner. A lot of people do agree with her songs are not better than others but they support her to rewrite her heroine story. They don’t even care if she writes her lyrics by herself or not. What most care about is supporting a girl who had a filthy past and rewriting it. It’s a public consent that everyone deserves a second chance. 

Fella Makafui can do same and I believe everyone will give her a second chance.

2. As an entrepreneur from nowhere, there should also be a significant turning point of when things turn around in your life and what led to that. For instance, though Kylie Jenner got rich along with her family’s TV reality show business, she had a turning point that made her a billionaire. Though arguably, her turning point is the decision to start a cosmetic line for herself. At least there is some story or reason for becoming a self-made billionaire.

Often when legit millionaires are interviewed, they are asked how they made their first million. The answers they give become a major source of motivation to entrepreneurs. Dangote recently told a similar story of how he withdrew $10m from a bank to convince himself that, yes, he is rich.

Today, if we ask Fella Makafui, how she made her first GHC1000 or GHC100,000 as an entrepreneur who came to Accra with nothing, what will she say? She had the opportunity a number of times and couldn’t say anything about that. 

These are some of the things her management is supposed to work on: helping her draft a convincing motivational story and her journey as an entrepreneur.

It's apparent that this is not done thus, you’ll likely hear Fella saying she prays naked midnight for her success. If she doesn’t say so, then you’ll hear she listens to her boyfriend because everything he says is final.

Fella’s management rather takes pride in describing Fella as a brand ambassador for 43 companies. Unfortunately, that rather incites hatred towards the brand because being picked to advertise for companies or other brands doesn’t actually make you a brand ambassador. 

Messi is a brand ambassador for Adidas. He lives the brand and his daily lifestyle also largely tells what the brand stands for – “Impossible Is Nothing” – and he’s just been doing it on the pitch. 

For instance, Fella’s management won her an ambassadorial deal from Huawei phones but she flaunted an iPhone and Hwawei during a press soiree. This means she was only used for an advert and it doesn’t make her a brand ambassador. 

3. Any serious brand gets any information they put out well scripted and scrutinised to reflect the exact virtues of the brand stand. Does Fella do this? No! She just goes out there and says anything that comes to mind.

Being an actress, Fella can easily read books like Michelle Obama’s “On Becoming”, reference some powerful quotes to tell her story. She should watch how other entrepreneurs or public speakers speak and pick a cue from it than to get lost in your words, anytime she mounts the stage to speak as an entrepreneur. To get her brand in place, this is a thing for her management to look at. 

Fella Makafui is sitting on a pedestal to really become a well-accepted brand globally. At 23-years-old in Ghana, she has over a million followers on Instagram and that means a lot to this digital world.

If she is able to fix her brand right, continents will know her. To this effect, there are a number of ways to tune her brand towards perfection, devoid of any backlash and PhD (Pull her down syndrome). Paramount among these as the above-stated ways, is for Fella to come clear and leave no doubt about her personality and source of wealth.

If this can’t be done, then don’t call yourself an entrepreneur and enjoy your life like Robin Hood. At least, you’ll still get some praise for impacting the society. 


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