Popular blogger under fire for giving birth out of wedlock

It is not unusual to find celebrities in Nigerian or Ghana giving birth out of wedlock and hardly do people make a fuss about it lately.


However, Ikeji's own is quite unique owing to her past comments about having babies out of wedlock.

She's accused of slamming and making a mockery of celebs who give birth outside marriage.


She has in multiple articles preached celibacy.

Now Nigerians find her new position on giving birth out of the marriage institution unacceptable and have accused her of hypocrisy and double standards.

"Linda Ikeji spent most of her blogging days slandering and castigating "Baby Mamas" until she tragically became one herself, now all she does is try to control the damage. Moral: be careful who you mock or laugh at, you don't know how they got in that situation, Karma is Real!," a Twitter noted.

"Linda Ikeji is proof that the average Nigerian woman is only a feminist online. She still takes penicillin steady, even born join. Pursue baby daddy, but we all know there's a guy on the side that's still giving her penicillin. Making money off hypocrisy," another wrote.


"Linda Ikeji

Another also wrote: "Linda Ikeji is proof that you people's morality charade & obsession is all theory, behind closed doors, you do as you please but when you're in the public, you'll do like your pant is armor of God. Wonder who you people are deceiving."


Meanwhile, the Nigerian blogger has accused her baby daddy of dumping her and became so wicked to her, after she got pregnant for him in a lengthy post.

"Around when I was about three months pregnant, he did come to see my parents and actually became very cool with my dad. They were literally exchanging Whatsapp messages every day. He later agreed to a traditional wedding which he didn’t follow through and then he switched," she noted.


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