Management of highlife musician, K.K Fosu have declared their intention to go to court after organisers of the annual 4Syte Music Video Awards ‘failed’ to announce the winner for the 2015 highlife music video award.

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According to Mel Kwasi Davis, a member of K.K Fosu’s management team, organisers have since not given any reason for not recognising the category even though there were some nominees.

“We are more than angry. Do you think it’s pleasant to nominate us without even notifying us? That aside, you never gave us any complementary ticket to the awards ceremony. As if that was not enough, on the night of the event, the category of which we were nominated was not announced. Is this how to run an industry? You don’t do that,” he said on ’ mid-morning show, .

When show host, Abrantepa asked if they had received official communication from the organisers as to why the winner was not announced, Davis responded in the negative.

“Organizers claim they were hard press for time; secondly, the hard drive on which they had the playback crashed. But that is not a justification. Why didn’t they say that on stage? They should have and right after the event, you put up a statement so that patrons will be aware. Someone buying a ticket to an event is a form of social contract. You can’t fail,” he said.

Adding: “As I’m talking to you, nobody has given us a phone call or any release to explain to us. We have spoken to our lawyers and they have advised I send them the first demand notice. We will present that to them tomorrow and wait for the response. Based on that, we will present the writ and if we are not satisfied, we will proceed to court.”

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The 7th edition of the 4Syte Music Video Awards was held at the Accra International Conference Centre on Saturday, November 14.

Ezekiel Tetteh, a member of the scheme earlier told Abrantepa they will present the award on 4Syte TV but Davis opposed it saying, it was a means of popularising the station.

“You didn’t tell anyone you would present the award on 4Syte TV. In any case, there are people who are non-subscribers but bought tickets to the event. That means you have disenfranchised the fellow. Secondly, you can’t use us to promote your event and later use us to promote your TV,” he stated.