Sad Video; Psalm Adjeteyfio drops MOMO number as he begs for GH3000 for rent (WATCH)

Legendary Ghanaian actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio, is facing a financial crisis that could render him homeless soon.

Psalm Adjeteyfio

According to the Ghanaian actor famed for his T.T role in the 'Taxi Driver' TV series, he has now become a 'charity case' because he doesn't work again and now lives on what people gift him.

In a recent interview, he has disclosed that his rent is even due and he needs GH3000 to pay.

He revealed this after his interviewer said "I am currently in one of the beautiful houses where you live, is it one of the houses you built yourself?" and he replied, "this is house is a rented apartment, I am just telling you to help me pay my rent".

"I don't own it, I am renting it," he emphasized. Asked if still acts, he said " I don't do anything ... I have become a charity case, right now immediately we need GH3000 that will cover six months advance payment".

Pleading to the viewers he said, "so please if you get something and you want to give me, the number is 0559234834". Hear more from him in the video below.

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