My weight struggle almost ended my life

Sam Smith has revealed he contemplated taking his own life because of his weight.

Sam Smith looses 14 pounds in two weeks

Sam Smith has revealed he contemplated taking his own life because of his weight.

The award-winning international singer also admits his past weight issued made him to be depressed, hated his size to the point where he didn't want to live no more.

"I saw a picture of me on New Year’s Eve topless on a beach in Sydney and it made me want to kill myself. I just thought I was huge. I’ve had issues with my weight since I was a kid… My dad became a fitness trainer when I was 12 and he tried to help me, but I’ve always had issues," the 23-year-old confesses to Daily Star.

Smith's meeting with renown dietician, Amelia Freer was the beginning of the change in his life. "I was put in contact with Amelia Freer, the dietician who got Boy George to lose all his weight," he reveals.

Smith also credits his fame and success to his weight loss, stating that without the resources that comes with being a celebrity, he would have never been able to lose the type of weight he has. "It’s impossible to eat healthily if you don’t have any money," he says.

Unlike Smith who wanted to kill himself because he was fat, singer Selena Gomez put her 'fat shamers' to shame after admitting in a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest that she is very happy with her current weight. "I feel very empowered and confident in where I am. I think it took me a long while to get there because the past year was so interesting because I’ve never been body-shamed before. I dealt with a whole other set of issues that was really interesting," Gomez told Seacrest.

Meanwhile, watch Sma Smith talk collaborations with top music acts like John Legend in the video below:


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