"People Are Just Envious Of Me"

The TV personality described those hating on her as people who are just bitter and sad of what they don’t understand and she does not understand why

Entrepreneur and TV personality SandraAnkobiah has been seen posting her daily activity and traveling adventures on Instagram but apparently some people are not happy about her extravagant lifestyle and have been slamming her for it.

Speaking on the issue on ‘Hanging Out With KOD’ on Sunday the TV personality described those hating on her as people who are just bitter and sad of what they don’t understand and that she does not understand why some of her pictures should be okay to post and others were not.

“I love to travel, it’s like my hobby….whenever I get the opportunity I travel and I take pictures and I post them on Instagram but I don’t know why it’s such a huge deal. What is the purpose of Instagram? It’s a photo sharing site”, she said.

“I post pictures of my daily activities. When I go out to eat, I post a picture, when I'm hanging out with my friends I post a picture, so why should a picture of me being in the studio be different or affect you less than a picture of me sitting in a first class?”, she added.

When asked why she is living such an extravagant lifestyle she said it’s her life she cannot help it and as long as she does not complain of other people’s lifestyle she does not need anyone complaining about hers.

“Can I help it? I can’t. It’s a lifestyle, it’s my life, I don’t come and complain about your life. Put your life on Instagram as well. I post daily pictures, it’s not like am singling out the fun ones or the extravagant ones like they say”.

“I don’t see it as extravagant; I see it as a lifestyle. I see it as me posting my daily activity….i think people are just sad and bitter and people hate what they don’t understand”, she explained.

Sandra also talked about how people criticizing her use to affect her a lot and that some stories she heard about herself hurt her a lot but it doesn’t anymore as she just brush it off and even do more so they can get more to talk about.

“…I just brush the dirt off myself and do more. Sometimes I post certain things on purpose just to annoy people because I don’t understand. It’s a lifestyle, It’s my life and it’s a photo sharing site. What’s the essence of travelling and taking pictures if you can’t share with your families and friends? So why should you be upset about me posting a picture of me in a plane?” she said


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