Shatta’s message which he shared on social media confirms reports that his Baby Momma has absconded with some properties of his and he isn’t bothered to chase her because there are other prettier girls.

People should stop calling me for info, if you don’t love a nigga ,you just have to dump him and leave his tingz and go but don’t run away with nigga’s properties for nigga to come chase for it to look like there are no prettier girls in the world..” he captioned a video he shared on his Instagram

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Shatta Wale further mentioned that his estranged fiancée, upon giving her a very luxurious life, is being influenced by her peers to live a wayward lifestyle which includes doing hard drugs and that a lot of Ghanaian girls will be disappointed in her.

"You got it all ,the cars, mansion, money, ur peers even envy your life and it hurts some of them seeing you behave like that.😂😂🤣Many girls in Ghana will be disappointed in you for having all this luxury life and all you want to do is live a wayward life of drugs ..” he wrote.

Shatta and Michy's breakup story has been a hot topic today among fans, when Majesty's Mother earlier this morning made damning allegations that the controversial artiste is abusive in their relationship and she's finally opting out for good.

Watch more from King Wale in the video below as he breaks his silence on the issue and also speak about his relationship with an unknown lady Michy revealed as the face behind popular instagram page "Those Called Celebs"